Workshops and Retreats

Upcoming Workshop:

“Mindful Coupling: Committing to loving ourselves and our partners fully and deeply”

Details: In this coupling workshop individuals will have an opportunity to discover the way they give and show love, while also gaining an understanding of how their partner receives love.  Partners will engage in mindful practices that aims to enhance their connection and understanding with their partners while breaking old patterns and creating new ways to communicate, love and give to one another.

Date: February 14′ 2020
Time: 7:00-9:00pm
Investment: $125/couple


  • understanding the way we give and show love
  • understanding our partners way of receiving love
  • enhancing our love connection with ourselves and our partner
  • mindful connections through touch, affirmation, time, giving and receiving

To Register:

Tina is in the final stages of organizing this couples workshop.  If you would like to ensure a spot for you and your partner in this workshop please contact Tina to ensure you names is added to the list and you will be notified immediately when registration opens.


Upcoming Retreat:

“Woman’s Soulful Weekend Retreat”

Details: In this three day retreat woman are given the opportunity to unwind, relax, rejuvenate and dig deep into what supports their ultimate state of well-being in life.  Participants will engage in a variety of yoga, mindfulness, meditation and soul searching activities that help understand more about who we are, what we need, how we respond to life and how we can shift and enhance all aspects of our being.  Through a balance of workshop time, healthy nourishing meals and free time (to access the spa or beautiful resort grounds/nature trails) participants will leave the retreat feeling a sense of rejuvenation, compassion for self and a sense of how to continue to care and nurture oneself.

Date: April 3, 4, 5, 2020
Investment: $1250/PP
Location: ON



  • arrival
  • free time (spa, nature walk, resting, shopping, dinner)
  • evening registration and welcome
  • evening program:
    • skimming off the emotional fat
      • what this means
      • how we can do this to release negative energetic ties and enhance a healthier mindset
    • restorative yoga and meditation practice


  • breakfast
  • morning programming:
    • acknowledge, accept, release
      • how to use the ‘skimming off the fat’ philosophy to move into these next steps
      • what we perceive from the outer world and our relationships
      • how to come to terms with things that are difficult and/or challenging
      • how to release what no longer serves us
    • yoga/mindfulness/meditation practice
  • lunch and free time
    • use of spa (book ahead), pool, nature walk, rest/restore, shopping
  • afternoon program
    • reclaim and re-frame
      • how to shift mindset to reclaim and re-frame circumstances in our life
      • releasing negative energetic bonds
      • severing unhealthy connections
    • yoga/mindfulness/meditation practice
  • dinner and free time
    • use of spa (book ahead), pool, nature walk, rest/restore, shopping
  • evening program
    • self compassion, love and trust
      • how to love oneself
      • trusting in our intuition, knowledge and inner guide
    • restorative yoga and meditation practice


  • breakfast
  • morning programming
    • implementing an everyday practice
      • how to take the key/core aspects from the weekend and put them to work in our everyday life
    • closing yoga/mindfulness/meditation practice
  • check out
  • lunch and optional free time
  • depart

What the “Woman’s Soulful Weekend Retreat” includes:

  • 2 nights hotel accommodations (Friday and Saturday)
  • 2 breakfast (Saturday and Sunday)
  • 2 lunches (Saturday and Sunday)
  • 1 – 3 course gourmet meal (Saturday night)
  • 10 hours of workshop content, yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions
  • full access to the resorts pool, nature trails and other amenities provided by the resort

To Register:

Tina is in the final stages of confirming details for this limited spaces retreat.  If you would like to be put on the list for registration please  contact Tina and she will ensure your name is added and you will be notified immediately as soon as registration opens.


For other workshops, retreats, training or certificate programs.  Please contact Tina if you are interested in hosting or booking her for a workshop.