CYT Training:

By far the TIYAMA workshop has been the best I have ever attended in my social work career. The fact that it was conducted all virtually and held my interest the entire time speaks to the skill set, professionalism and passion lead by Tina Lackner. It was so well organized and full of hands on materials on how to not only learn children’s yoga but how to also implement it in a creative and accessible way. By the end of the workshop I felt ready, inspired and excited to begin my journey in sharing what I have learned. What this workshop teaches is needed now more than ever in supporting children in developing a sense of self and well being through kindness, compassion, mindfulness and all the elements that Yoga brings. Thank you Tina!!

Carey S, MSW, RSW

The TIYAMA course impacted my life both personally and professionally. As a Registered Social Worker, I had regularly emphasized the importance of mindfulness and body awareness to my clients but admittedly did not practice in my personal life. I recognized through this program how important it is to practice and embody mindfulness and yoga in my daily life. Because of this course, I am looking into more trainings to help enhance my skills in finding my peace and helping those with whom I work find their own peace. Tina was an amazing facilitator and made each module interactive and engaging, as well as, enjoyable. I connected with like-minded individuals in the group and looked forward to seeing them on the screen. I learned so much in this program and excited to incorporate children’s yoga into my own practice!

Cindy dVN, B.A., C.Y.T., M.S.W., R.S.W.

I just wanted to thank you so much for great learning experience and your dedication. I love the high quality of teaching you provide and I could listen to you teaching for hours. You’re well organized and that makes the whole learning process easier and more efficient. I learned so much about mindfulness and yoga!

Agnieszka G, CYC

Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation Classes:

“Tina provided her mindfulness, well-being, and yoga sessions to my grade ⅔ class. The lessons were very well thought-out, relevant, and appropriate to the children’s needs and abilities. Our classes with Yogi Tina were the highlight of our week. All of the students were engaged and comfortable because of the warm and accepting environment she created and nurtured. These were times when children looked at ‘mistakes’ and ‘shortcomings’ in a different way. If they fell out of a pose, or couldn’t get into the pose, they laughed and tried again. There were many special moments, times when students challenged themselves to get into or hold a difficult pose, times when I looked around and saw EVERY child lying still letting their mind and body rejuvenate during savasana, or times when students showed complete trust in each other as they performed partner tasks. Every week, we collectively felt the ‘magic’ in the room, and all of the students left feeling better about themselves than they did before the class. As a teacher, I saw the transformational effect these classes were having on my students (and myself), so much so, that I excitedly signed my daughter up when Yogi Tina started offering her classes at a community studio. If you are looking for something that allows and encourages your child to really start to feel, label, and understand their emotions and how to deal with them in an appropriate way, this program is the answer!”

Jacquie F
Classroom Teacher

“My son is 10 years old and never did I think he would be interested in doing Yoga. He fell in love with it as soon as Yogi Tina introduced it to him and his class at school. Right away he learned the names of all the poses and just raved about the class. On the ride home he would often say how much self esteem he had, how he was proud of himself, & how he felt like he could do anything.”

Tamara C

“I was excited to have my son join Tina’s yoga class when I heard how much the kids at his school were enjoying the experience. I really loved the fact that she took time to teach kids more than just yoga poses. Each week focused on a new topic including sleep and relaxation and one of my son’s favourites: boundaries! He particularly enjoyed being a “space invader”! Ever since he took the class he’s been trying to teach me yoga (however it comes with a fee of $0.50 per pose) LOL”

Michelle A

“Tina’s yoga and mindfulness classes have been a wonderful and growing experience for our daughter, who has General Anxiety Disorder. Tina formed a great relationship with Emily and provided her with the confidence and techniques to help her in everyday life, both emotionally and physically. Initially extremely hesitant and nervous, Tina made my daughter excited to attend each class.”

Anna W

“You’re an awesome teacher and I LOVE your classes so much because they are more than just yoga. I always feel so good after a class and I learn things that help me in other areas of my life.”

Kyla T (Age 12)

“Yogi Tina instructed a weekly yoga class for 6 weeks with my Grade 1 students. The students enjoyed and looked forward to Yogi Tina’s times with us. Her patience and knowledge enabled her to provide structured lessons that enticed and enhanced the student’s enthusiasm and participation. She definitely earned their respect and attention. Yogi Tina’s ability to differentiate the activities to meet the needs and strengths for both the group and individually helped the student’s feel comfortable in partaking in the games, stretches, poses and breathing activities. Yogi Tina’s lessons provided a peaceful atmosphere that created a wellness within our class that continued throughout the year. The students often applied the calming and mindful thinking strategies to help them work through stressful situations and focus on their daily work. Even though, Yogi Tina and her wonderful classes continued to be missed as the students often ask is she coming back, the strategies are still implemented today.”

Kelly McR
Grade 1 Teacher