Kelly M

“Yogi Tina instructed a weekly yoga class for 6 weeks with my Grade 1 students.  The students enjoyed and looked forward to Yogi Tina’s times with us.  Her patience and knowledge enabled her to provide structured lessons that enticed and enhanced the student’s enthusiasm and participation. She definitely earned their respect and attention. Yogi Tina’s ability to differentiate the activities to meet the needs and strengths for both the group and individually helped the student’s feel comfortable in partaking in the games, stretches, poses and breathing activities.  Yogi Tina’s lessons provided a peaceful atmosphere that created a wellness within our class that continued throughout the year. The students often applied the calming and mindful thinking strategies to help them work through stressful situations and focus on their daily work. Even though Yogi Tina and her wonderful classes continue to be missed as the students often ask is she coming back, the strategies are still implemented today.”