Jacquie F

“Tina provided her mindfulness, well-being, and yoga sessions to my grade 2-3 class. The lessons were very well thought-out, relevant, and appropriate to the children’s needs and abilities. Our classes with Yogi Tina were the highlight of our week. All of the students were engaged and comfortable because of the warm and accepting environment she created and nurtured. These were times when children looked at ‘mistakes’ and ‘shortcomings’ in a different way. If they fell out of a pose, or couldn’t get into the pose, they laughed and tried again. There were many special moments, times when students challenged themselves to get into or hold a difficult pose, times when I looked around and saw EVERY child lying still letting their mind and body rejuvenate during savasana, or times when students showed complete trust in each other as they performed partner tasks. Every week, we collectively felt the ‘magic’ in the room, and all of the students left feeling better about themselves than they did before the class. As a teacher, I saw the transformational effect these classes were having on my students (and myself), so much so, that I excitedly signed my daughter up when Yogi Tina started offering her classes at a community studio. If you are looking for something that allows and encourages your child to really start to feel, label, and understand their emotions and how to deal with them in an appropriate way, this program is the answer!”