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Customer Testimonials

Kelly M

“Yogi Tina instructed a weekly yoga class for 6 weeks with my Grade 1 students.  The students enjoyed and looked forward to Yogi Tina’s times with us.  Her patience and knowledge enabled her to provide structured lessons that enticed and enhanced the student’s enthusiasm and participation….

Kyla T

“You’re an awesome teacher and I LOVE your classes so much because they are more than just yoga.  I always feel so good after a class and I learn things that help me in other areas of my life.”

Anna W

“Tina’s yoga and mindfulness classes have been a wonderful and growing experience for our daughter, who has General Anxiety Disorder.  Tina formed a great relationship with Emily and provided her with the confidence and techniques to help her in everyday life, both emotionally and…

Michelle A

“I was excited to have my son join Tina’s yoga class when I heard how much the kids at his school were enjoying the experience.  I really loved the fact that she took the time to teach kids more than just yoga poses.  Each…

Tamara C

“My son is 10 years old and never did I think he would be interested in doing Yoga. He fell in love with it as soon as Yogi Tina introduced it to him and his class at school. Right away he learned the names…

Jacquie F

“Tina provided her mindfulness, well-being, and yoga sessions to my grade 2-3 class. The lessons were very well thought-out, relevant, and appropriate to the children’s needs and abilities. Our classes with Yogi Tina were the highlight of our week. All of the students were…