Tina provides psychotherapy in person and phone sessions as a way of supporting individuals across Canada and internationally.

Tina believes in enhancing self-awareness to struggles and difficulties in our life in order to make more effective decisions and life choices.  With the philosophy of ‘skimming of the fat’ Tina supports a process of self awareness of what lies below the surface in order to fully make the connection between mind, emotion and behavioural responses.

Psychotherapy is for individuals who are wanting to embark on a life with more balance, energy, lightness, and joy, as well anyone struggling with mental health issues looking for a holistic approach to healing.  Tina’s philosophy aims to include parents and empower families to reach their potential through a mutually respectful partnership.

Session Length: 55 Minutes
Investment: $160 + HST/Session (payment made via e-transfer prior to the start of the session). Most insurance plans cover Registered Psychotherapists.
In Person Sessions: 405B Nyberg Street, Kitchener ON
How Phone Therapy Works: Like typical therapy sessions you book off the time for the phone psychotherapy.  You set yourself up in a quiet, private location with a pen/pencil and a notebook.  You ensure there are no interruptions or distractions and Tina will call you at your agreed upon time.

To learn more about Tina’s psychotherapy practice or to book an appointment or consultation please contact Tina.