Tina created the Yoga, Mindfulness and Emotional Well Being classes as a result of seeing an increasing demand for individuals to engage in a holistic practice that moved the body, aligned the breathe and tapped into the mental and emotional realm of an individual. Ongoing demands of today’s society supports a practice that maximizes our time on the mat. Tina began to immerse her personal, professional, clinical and academic findings together.

Children yoga warrior poseBy blending westernized approaches with eastern philosophies Tina began to see the unfolding of a practice that was well rounded, connected, insightful and transformative. Individuals who engaged in Tina’s classes began to clearly understand why they would engage in certain poses, the power of a breathing exercise, the body’s response to certain emotional triggers and responses and how to use one’s own breathe and movement to regulate emotional responses. Tina’s belief is that by utilizing this holistic approach individuals can learn more about themselves, take care of their mind and body and create life strategies that can be used on and off the mat. Tina believes that by educating and informing individuals that they are empowered to practice at home for optimal benefits.

When working with children Tina believes that involving caregivers and parents supports a partnership that will enhance not only the child’s understanding but the parents as well. By involving the parents Tina believes that they will be able to support and guide their children into maintaining self regulating and coping strategies in everyday life.


Tina creates an environment where there is safety, exploration, education, empowerment and involvement. It is believed that within those parameters an engaged student will thrive.