Emotional Wellbeing

Caring for our emotional well being is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.  Understanding our emotional pulls and what causes us to feel emotionally disregulated is paramount to health and well being. Tina’s programs and trainings offer a layer of emotional well being awareness and insight.  Tina has been known to say “let’s skim off the fat to get to the real underlying reason for this response”, meaning that our initial reaction to something isn’t truly what we are responding to, the real reason is usually a deep set of beliefs, fears, worries or insecurities.  Once we recognize what’s ‘beneath’ our reactions we can gain a sense of mastery over our emotions and reactions.  We awaken to a level of self awareness that provides insight and therefore opportunities that support healthier decision making and problem solving.  Tina believes that effective work with individuals includes this layer that supports the cognitive aspect of ones being.  To find out more about Tina’s emotional well being philosophy or to book an appointment or training please contact her.