Lunar Psychotherapy & Wellness


The demands and pressures of everyday life can be overwhelming.  We are constantly trying to compete and keep up with real and perceived expectations.  Our lives are invariably in motion with little time for decompression and grounding.  As a Registered Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Certified Play Therapist, Mindful Meditation Specialist and Professor Tina’s goal is to support individuals to build a well-rounded, sustainable, holistic practice that helps the individual feel empowered and in control of their minds, mental health, emotional well-being and bodies.

By combining traditional mental health practices with meditation, mindfulness and yoga postures, Tina works to shift mindset, emotional state and behavioural responses to everyday life events, stress and mental health challenges.  In her private practice Tina continues to work with individuals through mindful psychotherapy sessions, retreats and workshops.  Tina is also committed to aligning with a variety of frontline healers, therapeutic, yoga and academic professionals through individual consultation, workshops and certificate trainings.  It is with great passion and commitment that Tina is dedicated to sharing her philosophy and approach to healing and healthy every day living through mental, spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.